Let Us Be Your Eyes & Ears

                      SECURITY AND PEACE OF MIND.....

We'll make a weekly visit to your property to check for anything out of the ordinary such as break-ins or vandalism, fallen trees, theft of outside items, electrical outages, level of propane in tank if applicable and much more. 

We'll make a visual inspection of the outside and inside of your home and the surrounding grounds and take pictures and send them to you along with an email report after each visit so that you can see the condition of your property on a weekly basis.

 Just imagine the consequences of having a break-in and not being aware of it for months if no one checked to be sure everything was ok with your property.  Think how you would feel if you planned a visit and drove up only to find that your property had been vandalized and your possessions had been destroyed or stolen.  Or, think about the damage that a fallen tree on your roof could cause if no one discovered this had happened for a long time.  Water damage and much more destruction could occur.

Our basic monthly fee of $75.00 is a small price to pay for the peace of mind that can be gained by having someone check your home away from home on a weekly basis.  As part of the basic monthly fee, we will also provide one additional visit each 3 months for letting in service people at your request or for turning on or off lights, water, etc when this can't be done during our scheduled weekly visit.  We do request that you give us 3 or more days advance notice of this  extra visit.

                                   OTHER SERVICES

When you have a trip planned to your cabin, we can have firewood delivered, your cabin cleaned before and after your visit, your heat or air turned up, water and water heater turned on, icemaker started, lights turned on if you plan to arrive after dark and other services as you request.  (Firewood costs and cabin cleaning fees will be an extra charge)

We can also coordinate with other local contractors for services that we don't provide that you may desire to have done.


Sherry McCollum Enterprises LLC, DBA Mountain Cabin Care

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