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Why should someone check my cabin?

  1. Why should someone check my cabin?

    Many things can happen to property that is not lived in.  Trees can fall, break-ins can happen, electricity can go out, etc. and if no one discovers these things soon after they happen, more damage can occur.  Mountain Cabin Care representatives visit our clients properties on a weekly basis so a problem will never stay unattended more than a few days.

  2. Why should I pay someone to check my cabin when a neighbor can check it?

    Mountain Cabin Care is very dependable in checking your cabin each and every week and reporting their findings to you via email along with photographs taken during the visit of the inside and outside of your property.  This would be a lot to ask a neighbor to do for you because they might be out of town or just busy and unable to check your property on a regular basis.

  3. What will you check when you visit my cabin weekly?

    We'll check inside and outside your cabin for anything out of the ordinary.  This could include a break-in, broken window, tree that has fallen, electricity that has gone off, refrigerator that has stopped working, window that has been left unlocked after you or a guests has used your cabin, low propane level (if applicable) and anything else that we see that has changed since our last visit.  We will also take photographs of your property during each visit and send them to you along with a weekly email report.

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